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Horse & Donkey Rides - Articles

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  1. What Makes Horse Trekking So Much Fun?
  2. Why Horse Rug Washing is Important for Horse & Rider?

1. What Makes Horse Trekking So Much Fun?

Going horse trekking can be fun whether you are young or old and whether you have recently learnt to ride horses or if you have been riding for years. There’s something about riding a horse along picturesque bridal ways without the stress of cars flying by upsetting the animals and getting stuck in traffic. You can relax and un-wind as the horse does the legwork.

Picturesque Horse Trekking Routes

Whether you go along a country lane, a canal side pathway or through woodland, horse trekking is a great way of spending a summers’ evening or a Sunday morning, with the breeze in your face and the gentle pace of the horse beneath you.

Horses Enjoy the Trek Too

As horse trekking is usually limited to a slow pace, the horses enjoy the trek too as the weight of an average rider shouldn’t bother them and because cantering and galloping are not usually included unless the trek is aimed at professional riders, even horse riding beginners will enjoy the ride.

Trekking Day-trip

If you want to make a day of it, why not plan to follow a route which has a country pub on it or at the end of the trail so you can grab a bite to eat when you’re done riding. Alternatively, why not plan to have a pic-nic along the way, by packing one and carrying it in a small ruck-sack.

Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family

Horse trekking is a fun way of getting the whole family out in the fresh air and sunshine, if you are a keen rider and want to introduce your children to horse riding then trekking is a great way of spending a fun day out with your kids. They can enjoy the sights and sounds of the countryside under your supervision and gain some basic horse riding skills and even learn a bit about horses too.

Group Activity

The main fun element of horse trekking has to be the group atmosphere as typically treks will involve anything up to 20 riders and is a great way of making friends with similar horse riding interests. Whether you are riding with your family or a lone rider, horse trekking is a good fun day as you are made to feel welcome by the organisers and other riders alike.

Educational Horse Trekking

Some horse trekking organisers even make the day an educational exercise by telling you about the local countryside, land-marks and local history as well as teaching you something about the nature in the form of both the animals that live along the bridal ways and canals as well as the trees and other plants that make horse trekking such a joy.

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2. Why Horse Rug Washing is Important for Horse & Rider?

Horse rug washing is essential to maintain both the horse’s skin health and the long life of a horse blanket. Horse blankets are a piece of material which is positioned in-between the saddle and the horse’s back and sides to protect it from the harsh material on the underside of the saddle as it may scratch or cause the horse or pony irritation or even a skin disorder.

Regular Horse Rug Washing

It is recommended to ensure a horse blanket has a long life that they are washed professionally regularly between 1 and 2 times a year with specialist cleaning chemicals and washed in a washing machine. This is not to say that horse rugs do not need to be maintained throughout the year, so I would recommend that you keep them clear from dirt and stored in a dry area when not in use. In addition I would advise to give them a wipe down with a dry brush after each use to ensure when they come into contact with your horses' skin and fur there is no irritation and discomfort.

Ensuring your horses are comfortable when riding is essential for the safety of those riding and for the well fare of the horses. Plus I sure if you are keen to ensure high standards of husbandry you will want to keep your horses in good health so you will want to make sure their rugs are clean and in good order at all times.

Maintaining Horse Rug Waterproofing

It is essential to maintain the waterproofing of horse rugs whilst washing them to avoid them suffering unnecessary ware and tear and in order to do this it is recommended that you get horse rug washing done by a professional cleaning company. An official rug wash company will ensure that the correct temperatures and cleaning chemicals are used to ensure that the rugs are not damages throughout the washing and drying process. If instead you choose to wash the rugs yourself and use household detergents you may find that the waterproofing of the rugs starts to decrease and water damage occurs which will seriously reduce the lifespan of your horse blankets.

Having a water proof horse rug is important to maintain a comfortable fit for your horses although this can be repaired with re-waterproofing solutions nowadays.

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