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Job Vacancies

Volunteers wanted at Dunton Stables

The Volunteer Programme provides an opportunity for those wishing to learn and experience equine care and stable management. Volunteers are expected to participate in a range of activities that contribute to the safe and smooth running of a riding school and trekking centre.

It is a structured programme that requires volunteers to be task focused, sensible and safety conscious at all times. Volunteers will receive training and will be expected to work to the standards established at Dunton Stables. Competent and experienced staff will always be on hand to support and to provide ongoing training as necessary.

Being a volunteer is a rewarding experience and all of our volunteers will have the opportunity to learn to ride and to receive regular riding lessons from our qualified instructors.

In return, we expect our volunteers to attend on time and regularly, to follow instructions, to work as part of the team and to willingly participate in all tasks given to them, even in cold and wet weather.

The health, safety and welfare of our staff, clients and animals are of paramount importance. It is, therefore, important that all volunteers follow the instructions given to them to minimise risks and to maintain a safe environment. We expect volunteers to work hard, to be friendly and courteous to other staff and to clients and to follow the safe working practices that will be explained. Failure to meet these standards will result in the volunteer being terminated from the programme.

Staff at Dunton Stables are welcoming and friendly and will take time to show and to explain what is required. All people are treated with respect and individual training needs are taken into account.

Please note that volunteering is hard work! Please remember to bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink, particularly in warm weather. Suitable clothing and waterproofs are also important!

Most of all, ENJOY YOUR TIME WITH US. Your contribution will be valued.

Anyone under the age of 16 years must have full parental consent and a volunteer registration/disclaimer must be completed.

Note - Attendance days and times must be agreed with staff prior to commencing the programme as adhoc I unpredictable attendance is not conducive with the smooth running of the business.

If you would like to know more about the programme please Telephone the stables: 07950 146740

Places as volunteers are always in demand but we operate a waiting list system, so don't be put off if a place is not available straight away.