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Price List

The following table shows the current Dunton Stables price list.

 Lessons  Prices
 Group riding lesson*  22.00 (1 hour)
 Lead rein lesson (blocks of 4)  15.00 (30 minutes)
 Private lesson*  40.00 (1 hour)
 Trek & Relax  75.00 (4 - 5 hours)
 Chip Trek  35.00 per ride (2 hours)
 Trek (to and around Kingsbury Water Park)
 35.00 (2 hours)
 Pub Trek (Minimum 6 people,
includes a light lunch)
 45.00 per person (2 hours)
 Kids Mini Trekking  25.00 (1 hour)
 Mini-Trekking (canal ride)  25.00 (30 minutes))
 Group stable management lesson  15.00 (1 hour)
 Private stable management lesson  25.00 (1 hour)

* Riding lessons are booked at hourly intervals. At least 45 minutes are spent riding. Some time might be spent in discussion with the Instructor.

Prices for customised riding days and for special events are available on request.

All Riding activities & Stable Management sessions must be paid for at time of booking by credit or debit card. Payment by credit or debit card

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