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Horse Riding for the Disabled

At Dunton Stables we welcome riders with disabilities.

Over the years we have forged close links with a number of agencies and city councils that actively encourage people with a range of disabilities to take part in outdoor activities.

Some riders may have short attention spans or be unable to follow riding instruction. Mini-trekking is a fantastic experience that is proving to be very popular with these riders. Fitted with a hard hat and a body protector, the rider is accompanied by a leader, on foot, who manages the horse or pony and helps to ensure the health and safety of the rider. We also offer Chip Treks to small groups of riders. As the horses and ponies are led in walk these activities are suitable for people with no previous riding experience.

Feedback to us is extremely positive with riders and their carers stating that the horses and ponies are proving to be very therapeutic. The opportunity to touch and groom our ponies is taken by many.

Our horses are very steady and reliable and are not easily distracted by noise. We do have a maximum weight limit of 13.5 stones so please check that you are eligible before booking. Children over the age of 4 years are always welcome.

Our office, washroom and toilet facilities are easily accessible at ground level and available to all visitors.