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Horse Riding Holidays - Articles

Read through our horse riding holiday articles below:

  1. What are the Benefits of a Horse Riding Holiday?
  2. Why Are Horse Riding Holidays in the UK so Much Fun?
  3. What Are The Benefits of Taking Horse Riding Weekends?
  4. Why Horse Riding Weekends Enable You To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids?

1. What are the Benefits of a Horse Riding Holiday?

Horse riding holidays spent in the UK can be enjoyed by the whole family without the need to travel too far by car or public transport and of course thereís no requirement to obtain passports which would otherwise be necessary for travel to other countries. Indeed there are many reasons why staying in the UK for your holiday is beneficial not least because of the possible savings in the costs involved.

Cost Savings

Starting with the benefits of saving money whilst still enjoying a high quality outdoor family holiday in the UK, there are obvious savings which can be made by not having to cross the channel to Europe by plane, ferry or train via the channel tunnel. Considerably more if you were considering a trip further afield such as a riding holiday in the States or further afield. Additional savings can be made with respect to transportation as if you are travelling by car you will not have to hire a car whilst staying at riding centres as you will have your own should you wish to go out for a meal, the cinema, a theatre performance or music event.

Plus as horse riding holidays tend to be all enclusive you wonít need to pay for extra activities to keep the kids entertained whilst you relax after a daysí horse riding has taken its toll and you need to put your feet up and relax in a warm bath.

The Great Outdoors

The main benefit of booking a holiday such as a horse riding weekend is the fact you will spend the majority of your time outdoors improving your horse riding skills whilst enjoying the weather, fresh air and picturesque countryside. Language & Cultural Barriers

The benefit of choosing a UK riding holiday over those which are offered abroad is that there is less likely to be any language and cultural barriers, so you wonít have to learn the basics of another language in order to pick up all the advice the instructors have to offer. Thatís not to say that riding centres run abroad do not have English speaking riding instructors, but it just easier particularly with young children as they are less likely to have foreign language knowledge.

Making UK Based Friends

Additionally if you are going on a horse riding holiday with a group of friends you may find that you make friends with similar interests at riding centres. If the centre is based in the UK you are more likely to make friends who speak English and also live within the UK, so you may be able to meet up with them after your holiday has ended. Whereas if you make friends on riding holidays abroad, whilst this is good fun, itís less likely that theyíre going to be from the UK, and you may not get a chance to meet them again in person.

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2. Why Are Horse Riding Holidays in the UK so Much Fun?

Horse riding holidays in the United Kingdom are fun for all the family as they encourage children to enjoy the great outdoors, explore the Great British countryside as well as getting time to spend with horses which is a past time very popular with many children. Whilst those children who live in rural areas may already have an equestrian hobby of some sort though for those children who live in cities it may be the first time that they have met a horse.

Riding Holiday Activities

If itís an activity holiday that the whole family can enjoy, particularly for the younger children, then a horse riding holiday is perfect for you. As not only do you get to enjoy a passion for horse riding on a daily basis whilst making sure your children benefit from the fresh country air but most riding holiday centres offer a range of other outdoor and sometimes indoor activities if the weather is not so good.

Common activities offered by horse riding holiday stables are things such as mountain biking, sight-seeing, quad biking as well as some more creative activities such as pot making, weaving classes, basket making and painting. So you see, there is much more to riding holidays in the UK than perhaps you first thought, you may come home with more than good memories as you may have learnt some new skills and gained some more hobbies.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

The fact that time spent on these kind of holidays is predominantly spent outdoors means that you get to see and explore the picturesque Great British countryside on horse-back, plus some centres may offer guides who can tell you a bit about the local history as well as the geological structure of the surrounding landscape. It is this level of educational experience which can make a riding break into a truly memorable adventure into the countryside and may lead to you returning on a regular basis. As well as learning about the local area you will enjoy spotting a variety of wildlife as you ride along the designated tracks and bridal ways. Commonly seen animals are things such like squirrels, birds, rabbits and foxes amongst others.

Quality Family Time

The added benefit of a horse-back holiday in the UK is that you will be able to keep a close eye on your children whilst spending quality time with them, watching them as they explore the natural world. The benefit of giving your kids a holiday to remember which appeals to their interests whilst making sure they get lots of fresh air away from computer consoles is clear to see.

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3. What Are The Benefits of Taking Horse Riding Weekends?

If you want to take a short holiday or weekend away with your partner, family or a group of friends but donít have lots of time on your hands then horse riding weekends are a great solution. By arranging with your friends to go on a horse riding break you will all enjoy a short holiday as though you have spent a full week away and you will come back with lots of stories and experiences to tell your family and work colleagues about.

With the popularity of social media and the ease of which people are able to share photos, opinions and even video you may find yourself updating your profile with photographs of you and your friends horse riding and enjoying the great outdoors.

Ideal Family Weekend Away

Horse riding weekends are ideal for families who maybe have too busy of a lifestyle to take a family holiday abroad or even in the UK and need shorter holiday alternative. In fact if the school your children attend is like most schools nowadays and is unhappy if you take your child out of school to go on family holiday, then a weekend away horse riding is a great solution as you may manage with them only having 1 or 2 days off school if any depending upon the closeness of the riding holiday centre to your home.

Budget Weekend Activity Holiday

If you have a relatively low budget for a short activity holiday and only have the weekends free because of work responsibilities then horse riding weekends may be the best solution for you. By choosing a UK based riding centre you will benefit from experiencing short travel times and relatively low cost and find that you gain a great deal from a riding weekend away.

Riding Weekend Accommodation

Depending upon the type of accommodation you opt for you may be able to save money their too as whilst some riding holiday centres offer accommodation and meals, some offer guests a camp-site so they can bring their own accommodation in the form of tents and caravans. Though after a long days riding on horse-back a soft bed may be the best option and having your meals prepared for you will save you bringing food or having to go shopping when time is limited during your horse riding weekend.

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4. Why Horse Riding Weekends Enable You To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids?

If your child is having a birthday soon, has a keen interest in horse riding and youíre not sure of what to get them for a present, why not consider horse riding weekends as a way of combining a short family holiday with something your child will love and cherish. A short riding holiday is an experience that will stay with both you and your children for many years to come and in addition it will be a great chance for you to spend some quality time with your kids in the great outdoors too.

If you, like most families find that the pressures of work and hectic home life mean that you are unable to spend as much time with your kids as youíd like, then going on an outdoor activity holiday or weekend is a great way to do just that.

Horse Trekking Holidays are Fun for the Whole Family

Horse riding weekends are usually run by riding stable owners who offer riding lessons as well as other activities, such as horse and pony trekking, tuition on how best to care for horses and some even offer accommodation too. Weekend accommodation is usually offered as a camp-site where you can bring your tents or caravan though some places offer fully equipped en-suite rooms to add that extra level of luxury after a day in the saddle.

Horse riding weekends typically consist of welcome meal on arrival, before you settle in before 2 full days of basic level riding lessons if required, horse trekking across local farmland or parks, grooming and a multitude of other outdoor activities. With so many different things to do on riding weekends the whole family will enjoy you can see why they have become very popular particularly with families with young children who are avid horse riding enthusiasts.

Of course the added benefit of taking part in the same horse riding activities as your kids is that you can keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe and are enjoying themselves. Plus as youíll be spending the majority of time outdoors you and your kids will benefit from enjoying an activity outdoors and the fresh country air. You never know, the whole experience may inspire them no to be indoors in their bedrooms so much once they return home if the weather is good. It may even encourage them to pursue a career path which involves the great outdoors, such as forestry, farming or a career as a professional horse jumper or to become a jockey.

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