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Horse Riding Holiday Itinerary

We tailor make your itinerary to suit your ability, giving consideration to what you want to achieve while you are with us. Any plans that we make are flexible and take on board activities that you might wasn’t to be involved with such as grooming, horse presentation and learning about the tack and how to tack up. We do recommend that you take full advantage of the riding opportunities and of the range of horses that are available to you. Most people do find a favourite amongst our horses and we try to make sure that you have the chance to spend a little more time with that one.

A sample itinerary for a novice rider with little or no experience is outlined below:


8.45amGetting your horse ready
9.30amAssessment riding lesson30 mins
10.30amMini-Trek with leader on foot60 mins
12.00pmFlatwork riding lesson30 mins
1.00pmLunch at yard
2.00pmGrooming and presentation
3.00pmPrivate lesson30 mins
4.00pmGroup riding lesson45 mins


8.45amGrooming and tacking up
9.30amGroup riding lesson45 mins
11.00amPrivate lesson30 mins
12.00pmPub Trek for lunch120 mins
3.00pmMini-Trek with mounted leader60 mins

Experienced riders who are competent in trot or in trot and canter will take a 2 hour trek to and around Kingsbury Water Park before continuing on to the pub for lunch and any Mini-Trek taken will be with a mounted rider.

Whilst you will be free to relax in the evening and to eat a meal of your choice at one of the local eating places, you may well decide to spend more time on the yard with the horses. The choice will be yours to make.

All of the staff at Dunton Stables are friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Everyone will do their best to try to give you the experiences that you want and to make your stay with us good fun as well as a great learning experience.

Take the next step and get involved!

We look forward to welcoming you.