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Pony Trekking Holidays

Enjoy pony trekking holidays designed for families and small groups at Dunton Stables, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands in the UK. Our stables offer a wealth of horse and pony trekking experiences including treks across picturesque Kingsbury Water Park.

Relaxing Pony Trekking

If you enjoy horse riding holidays which involve days riding along bridal ways and marshland, taking in beautiful scenic views and feeling 'at one' with nature, then you will love pony trekking holidays at Dunton Stables. The horse holiday centre at Dunton Stables offers comfortable twin room en-suite accommodation. Being able to relax after a days pony trekking across the local countryside is essential to enjoying your break with us.

Our pony trekking holiday accommodation is situated above the stables and has been tailored for groups of equestrian enthusiasts and families.

Enjoyable Pony Trekking Holidays

Come and unwind on a relaxing pony trekking holiday or weekend, go horse riding and revive in a sauna. Enjoy the benefits of a rural setting for your holiday with fresh clean air away from traffic and stress of city life and enjoy your passion for horse and pony trekking. Whether you are staying with us for a 2 night weekend or a 4 night pony trekking holiday you will return home with a pleasant riding experience to tell your family and friends, plus you will have improved your horse riding skills too.

Meet the Trekking Ponies

If you want to see images and read a little about our trekking holiday ponies & horses you may want to view our 'Meet the Horses' page here. Dunton Stables currently has 17 trekking ponies for you and your children to meet and ride on pony treks across local parkland and marshland along bridal ways.

Pony Trekking Holidays Family Fun

Enjoy a fun packed pony trekking holidays with the whole family at Dunton Stables, enjoy treks along bridal-ways in the lush Sutton Coldfield countryside.